08.20.2009 - Erica Lichnowsky - Curriculum Vitae

Erica Lichnowsky studied art, poetry, filosophy, theather and Literature.We are posting today some of the courses she took as well as the list of Prizes she won.

Most of Erica's works, especially the ones listed below, that won prizes, have already been sold.

Erica has painted hundreds of canvas, which are spread in countries in Europe, south and north America, she is still painting but is not participating in competitions anymore.

We will show here, in her page, all works that are still available and the new ones as they come from her atelier.

1971 - Studied art with Ivan Serpa and Roberto Moricone at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.
1978-80 - School of Visual Arts (Parque Lage) - Rio de Janeiro
Sculpture - with Jaime Sampaio
Painting - with Rubem Gershman
Drawing - with Astriea Al Jaick
Ceramic - with Celeida Tostes
Colors (workshop) - various teachers.
1978-80 - History Western Art with Joao Vicente Salgueiro (PUC / RJ).
1982 - History of Modern art with Frederico de Morais (Candido Mendes, University).
1983 - Painting with Jô von Kalcreut

Bronze Medals
1979- Salão de Maio (Ministry of Culture and Education).
1979 - Brazilian Press Association
1979- Spring Show at the Naval School.
1980- Plastic Arts at the Museum of Modern Art - Rio de Janeiro.
1981- Brazilian Writers Academy (Academia Brasileira de Letras).

Silver Medals
1979 - Sculpture at the Escola de Belas Artes.
1979 - Feminin Competition at the Ministry of Culture and Education
1979 - Drawing Association of Rio de Janeiro.
1979 - Salão da Camara Municipal (RJ).
1979 - Salão do Planetario da Gavea.
1981 Premio de aquisição da RFFSA- RJ.
1985 - Expofair - Contemporary Art exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal.

Golden Medals
1984- Salão da Assembleia Legislativa - RJ.
1984- Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art - Rio de Janeiro.
1984- Salão da Caixa Economica Federal.
1992- Eco Expo. Premio Ouro Burle Marx (Prize was given personally by Roberto Burle Marx).
1992- Salão de Artes da Sociedade Hebraica, RJ.

Golden medal - Prize Burle Marx (sold)

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