Krzyzanowice  - Lichnowsky PalaceEduardo Lichnowsky (left) Agnieszka , Eduardo  and Leonard

Eduardo Lichnowsky Krzyzanowice  - Lichnowsky Palace

Mr Martin Cechacek - Mayor of Silherovice (CZ) Mr Pavel Kotlar - Mayor of Hat (CZ) Mrs Justyna Bindacz & Mr George Latton




Lichnowsky Palace -  Krzyzanowice / Poland


08.26.2009 Annual celebration for Beethoven and Lizst in Krzyzanowice

Eduardo Lichnowsky  (in the middle)  on the inaugurationEvery year the city of Krzyzanowice, in the south of Poland, celebrates the memory of the passage of Beethoven and Lizst in the beautiful region. Both musicians where there once or twice as guests in the Lichnowsky Palace, and performed in the surronding cities of Ratibor (Poland) and Opava (Czech Republic).

This year, the mayor of Krzyzanowice, Mr. Leonard Fulneczek, invited members of the Lichnowsky Family for the celebrations and on the 30th of may, Eduardo Lichnowsky arrived for the first time in Poland to participate in the festivities.

"I was treated as a son or grandson from Krzyzanowice, and could prove the famous polish hospitality. The day started with the ceremony at the Lichnowsky Palace, where many local, national and international authorities placed flowers in the musicians monuments in front of the palace.

Eduardo Lichnowsky  (in the middle)There were delegations from Poland, Germany, Hungary and Czech Republic present. After the speeches and interviews we followed to a square with a small garden in front of the castle's entrance to inaugurate a new work from the sculpter George Latton, a homage to Liszt.

Later, we went to the city's church, a very nice building made by the Lichnowsky family, where we spend a marvellous time with a mass and later a very beautiful concert. I have to mention that the coral was conducted by Mr. Fulneczek and his students. On this ocasion, I received a gift from the town, a composition by Liszt and Felix Lichnowsky, which honoured me.

The day continued with a stop for drinks and lunch, as well as the presentation of dances from the lovely children of Krzyzanowice. I took advantage of the ocasion to experiment the local beer, which was very good.

The day ended at the Chalupki Castle, once the property of the Rothschild family, now a restaurant and hotel. We had a very nice dinner with all the delegations present and the climate was informal, with me drinking more polish vodka than I should. I was invited to stay the night at the Castle and the city mayor invited me to stay in the city for a longer time. I will be posting my week in Poland soon, as I met many people and saw many places.

I would like to thank the city of Krzyzanowice and specially Mr Fulneczek, Mr Gerhart and all people involved in providing me such a good time".

Eduardo Lichnowsky


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