09.11.2009 - Lobkowicz Palace

There were more or less 30 Princely Houses in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, of those only 3 families start with the letter L and were also connected through marriages: Liechtenstein, Lobkowicz and Lichnowsky. All three families supported Beethoven and had friendly relations between each other.

Folowing a tradition that exists for centuries I was received at The Lobkowicz Palace by Prince William Lobkowicz who was very kind and even though he is a very busy person could afford to spend some time for a coffee and a quick chat with his distant cousin.
Eduardo Lichnowsky and William Lobkowicz I started my visit exploring his beautiful museum, with the exposition "The Princely Collections", I did the audio tour and it took me one hour to appreciate all that the museum has to offer. I decided to visit the Lobkowicz Palace because I wanted to see the difference from a private museum to a state owned museum. The main difference I noticed is the fact that his exposition is very rich in informations that can only be given by family members and there is a warm approach to the visitors, as if the family is still there and welcoming you to visit their house.

Even though I have met many noble persons in my life and my father and brother are also princes, I was nervous before meeting Prince William. I had emailed him and he knew I was coming, but after visiting his castle and listening to the story of his great family I felt as if I was going to meet an extraordinary person. All of this feeling disappeared as a tall guy appeared and before I had to bow for him or anything (joking) he immediately grabed my bag and took me to his restaurant, which has one of the nicest views of Prague. Our conversation went through life in Prague, his struggle for the restitution of his properties, the administration of his many business and so forth. It was a very pleasant meeting and as he was the first person I actually met in Europe, I felt very welcomed.

Eduardo Graf Lichnowsky