09.14.2009 - Count Eduardo Lichnowsky visits Borucin in Poland

While visiting Krzyzanowice in Poland I was invited for many activities. The local authorities not only offered me accomodation in the Lichnowsky Palace, where I spent one week living with the nums that bought the castle from my grandfather Wilhelm back in 1930, but also took me to many places and introduced me to many persons.

The people there are very greatful for all that my family did in the region (and they told me that many times), where we have built houses, churches, schools, factories, railway stations and offered jobs and progress for the communities.

Paul Antoniouk played the role of Prince Lichnowsky during the presentation. Deputy to the Sejm of the Republic Henry Siedlaczek

Among those events, I was invited for the 110th anniversary of the School in the beautiful village of Borucin, once a property of my family, where they had farms and a factory. It was a big party with hundreds of guests, and the day started with a procession and a very beautiful mass in the local church of St. Augustine, that was celebrated with very beautiful music.

Deputy Mayor Andrew Jelonek

From the church we proceeded to the new building of the school, I was told that the school used to be in another building which was founded by my great-grandfather Karl Lichnowsky. There we enjoyed fine music, a theather presentation with the lovely children from Poland and folcloric dancing. It was a very nice day, with a superb organization and timing. The event was really a pleasure to participate. The presentations finished with an audio visual projection and speaches thanking people like the Directors Maria Surma, John Lach and Dr. Kornelia Lach, without whom the school would not be what it is today.

But that was not all, 110 years is a lot, and needs to be celebrated in style, and thats what we found at the lunch that was offered for all the guests, where I could enjoy the polish cuisine and like always I do, taste the local beer. It was a fine experience as I could see the people from Borucin enjoying each others company and singing polish traditional songs.

Since I was staying with the nums I had to come back early to the palace and report my arrival (joking), and for this reason I did not attend the ball that was to happen at night, with plenty music, dancing, wine and beer in The House of Culture. Those people really know how to celebrate something, congratulations and count on me on the 120th aniversary...

Eduardo GrafEduardo Graf Lichnowsky


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