by Ursula Lichnowsky

by Barbara Abreu Erica & Ursula Lichnowsky Deputy Leandro




09.17.2009 "Including Buzios" (Incluir Buzios)

Erica Lichnowsky and studentsIncluding Buzios is a non-profit association which has as its main goal: to promote social inclusion for the needy people of the city of Buzios.

The city of Buzios in Rio de Janeiro was one of the destinations of pirate ships coming from Europe bringing illegal slaves from Africa (slavery was abolished in Brazil in 1888 by Princess Isabel de Bragança e Bourbon).

The descendants of these people still live here and with a low level of education and unemployment much needs to be done to help them to integrate into society.

Princess Erica Lichnowsky is one of the persons involved in this project. As the Coordinator for Culture for the Association (a voluntary work), she teaches them how to paint and also the history of art. She can be found at the association from monday to friday in the neighborhood of Rasa, where our family lives nowadays.

We have many projetcts for these needy people and are accepting partnerships and donations. Please enter in contact with us for further informations and help the Lichnowsky family to promote social welfare in Brazil too.

The photos below are from the inauguration of "Incluir Buzios" , there were hundreds of people from the community present at the event as well as Buzios Deputy (Vereador) Leandro. The paintings are from Erica's first class of painting and were done by the local children from Rasa.

Paulo Alexandre and Erica Lichnowsky Rasa's children in line for the popcorn
Paulo Alexandre (President of the association) and the coordinators _______________________Rasa's children in line for popcorn___


by Eduardo Lichnowsky