Our purpose is not only to do a web page about The Princely House of Lichnowsky but, also, to use the material and informations we are gathering for future expositions and books.

Besides the time we spend researching and editing texts and photos we also need resources for the digitalization and restaurantion of our archives.

We believe that with those actions we are contributing to help spread and mantain important informations that are part of the european culture.

Not only have the Lichnowsky's given an important contribution to the world in terms of art and music, with the patronage our ancestors gave to important artists, but also in world politics with Prince Carl Max Lichnowsky who was one of the main politicians involved in the events that, contrary to his will and efforts, led our world to its first great war. The family was not only involved in the development of many cities in the border of Poland and the Czech Republic but its also part of the history of this same countries together with Germany and Austria.

We would like very much if the authorities of those same cities and countries could support us on our effort to maintain alive this history and hope that with time, we will have them some how working together with us on those projects.

We will be promoting our web page in many ways and specially in the internet where we are already linking our page to many different web pages. If you would like to have your company supporting us on our projects and have your name associated with the name of our family, please enter in contact for further informations.

Eduardo Graf Lichnowsky





krzyzanowice - Lichnowsky Palace